Atari and Technos ‘Super Pocket’ handhelds coming this October

Hyper Mega Tech’s Capcom and Taito Super Pocket handhelds must have proven popular, as two new models are due later this year. As before, they’ll be Evercade cartridge compatible, and retail at a modest £49 each.

The Technos model is Double Dragon orientated, including six of the scrolling brawler’s entries, along with Renegade, The Combatribes, Crash ‘n The Boys, Super Dodge Ball, Block Out, Minky Monkey, Super Spike V’Ball, River City Ransom, and Mysterious Stones.

The handheld itself is blue and white and has a 2.8” ISP screen (320×240), USB C charging, and a headphone jack.

The Atari model has too many games to list manually – a generous 50 in total, coming from the arcade, 2600, 5200, 7800, and Atari Lynx. Nine Lynx games feature– including Kung Food, Scrapyard Dog, Turbo Sub, and Dirty Larry. The 7800’s Ninja Golf, Fatal Run, Motor Psycho, and Alien Brigade are included too. The 2600 and arcade games are a typical assortment, although recent acquisition Bezerk has made the cut. The full list can be found here.

The colour design of the Atari model is red and black, matching the 2600’s joystick.

Additionally, Funstock will be stocking a limited woodgrain model for £59. Very nice.