The Signal sets its sights on exploration, invention, and survival

Goose Byte’s debut title sees humanity take to the skies to find a new home. By combining exploration, invention, and survival, it hopes to move the multiplayer open world genre forward – a bold claim.

Powered by the uber-flashy Unreal Engine 5, The Signal is said to be an accessible affair, offering a new recipe-sharing system that ties into its focus on user-generated content. Even vehicle blueprints and be shared with other players, as you team up with up to 15 others to overcome challenges and solve puzzles.  

The Signal pre-release screenshot

As you explore, create and survive on an alien world, you’ll discover strange structures and a sentient ecosystem. Environments can be scanned – a feature that seems entwined with The Signal’s theme of sustainability.  

“We want to take players on a journey: as you step out onto this uncharted planet you are faced immediately with an environment that is as mysterious as it is beautiful. This planet is teeming with unknown flora and fauna across multiple, massive biomes. But not everything is as it seems. The planet is fully aware of your actions and, the longer you spend exploring, the more it starts interacting and messing with you,” said Theodor Diea, CEO and founder of Goose Byte.

The Signal is in development for console and PC, with more information due soon.