Flame Keeper is a ‘cool’ looking upcoming rogue-lite

Rogue-lites are in abundance at the moment, so it can only be good news to see the upcoming Flame Keeper attempting to do things differently.  

Playing as a piece of burning coal named Ignis, it’s a case of choosing to stay alive or make progress. Calling the main character ‘Cole’ was clearly too on the nose.

Ignis is out to restore The Eternal Flame, with fire energy also being our hero’s life force. After discovering the remains of the flame’s energy, it can be transferred back to camp, where you can then choose how much to restore.

Calling the main character ‘Cole’ was clearly too on the nose.

Melee combat plays a big part, with Ignis unleashing a barrage of fiery fisticuffs. Skills and perks can be assigned back at the village hub, allowing you to create your own build. Viewed from a top-down perspective, it looks like we can expect an alluring assortment of lighting effects.

This single-player affair is due out next year on Switch and Steam, published by Untold Tales and developed by Kautki Cave. The trailer is below:

Matt Gander

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