Out this week: Dragon Quest Treasures, Hello Neighbor 2, The Rumble Fish 2, Samurai Maiden, Jitsu Squad, Terror of Hemasaurus, more

Contrary to popular belief, the gaming calendar isn’t over just yet – the next two weeks are looking rather busy. The week leading us into Christmas? Not such much, although that could change. A last-minute rush to secure premium digital storefront placement period often occurs.

Square-Enix is back, once again, with Dragon Quest Treasures on Switch – a loot filled adventure spread across six islands. Erik and Mia are out to find seven legendary Dragonstones, along with whatever else they can unearth. The ability to evaluate loot to reveal its value seems like a neat touch. D3’s Samurai Maiden heads to PC, Switch and PlayStation formats, meanwhile, offering anime-style hack ‘n slash action against skeletal warriors.

Then there’s Hello Neighbor 2, the anticipated family friendly horror. The original reached over 30 million players – it was a colossal success. In this sequel, the whole town is now explorable as you try to find clues and unravel your neighbors’ secrets.

The Rumble Fish 2 is another sequel out this week. Well, kind of – it’s a re-release of a cult 2D brawler from 2005, updated with online play and other modern features. It comes from Dimps, who’ve worked on a ridiculous number of franchises. Everything from Sonic to Street Fighter.

Snowboarding sim Shredders comes to PS5 too, while Firefighting Simulator – The Squad alights on all formats. It looks slightly more polished than some recent simulators. SNES style RPG Chained Echoes is another new multiformat release, available on Game Pass at launch.

We can also expect Annapurna’s HINDSIGHT, cartoony scrolling brawler Jitsu Squad, the Rampage alike city destroyer Terror of Hemasaurus – which arrived on Steam to a positive reception – arena brawler Divine Knockout (free via PS Plus), and the lightning-fast dodge’em up Swordship.

Lastly, Cuphead finally receives a retail release. After being requested for years, it stands a good chance of entering the UK chart next week.

New release trailers

The Rumble Fish 2

Dragon Quest Treasures

Samurai Maiden

Hello Neighbor 2


Firefighting Simulator – The Squad

Adventure Academia: The Fractured Continent

Terror of Hemasaurus


Petite Adventure 

Jitsu Squad

Divine Knockout

Bot Gaiden

Mech Armada


Goonya Monster

Kukoos: Lost Pets 

New multiformat releases

  • Hello Neighbor 2
  • The Rumble Fish 2
  • Bot Gaiden
  • Jitsu Squad
  • Togges
  • Chained Echoes
  • Terror of Hemasaurus
  • Firefighting Simulator – The Squad
  • Swordship
  • Hindsight
  • Far Cry 6: Lost Between Worlds

New on PSN

  • Shredders – PS5
  • Samurai Maiden
  • Cyber Hook
  • The Forest Quartet
  • Adventure Academia: The Fractured Continent
  • Witch on the Holy Night
  • Divine Knockout
  • Kukoos – Lost Pets
  • Sky: Children of the Light
  • Accident
  • Vesper: Zero Light Edition
  • Petite Adventure
  • Paper Cut Mansion

New on Xbox Store

  • Mech Armada
  • Dad’s Monster House
  • Dobo’s Heroes
  • Afterglitch
  • Krampus Kills

New Switch retail releases

eShop round-up coming Thursday

  • Dragon Quest Treasures
  • Cuphead
  • Redout 2
  • Adventure Academia: The Fractured Continent
  • Kukoos – Lost Pets
  • Jitsu Squad

Next week: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, High on Life, Raptor Boyfriend: A High School Romance, VR Pigeons, Neon White, Wavetale, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition (PS5/XSX), Blacktail, GRIME: Colors of Rot, Cassiodora , Azure Striker Gunvolt 3, Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission, Potion Craft, INFINITE GUITARS, and Toaplan Arcade 1 for Evercade.