Gladiator simulator ‘We Who Are About To Die’ launches next week

After a seven-year gestation, solo developer Jordy Lakiere is readying We Who Are About To Die for launch on Steam.

Their goal was to make one of the biggest and most complex solo-developed games ever. The features list gives insight into how those seven years were spent.

Loosely inspired by Mount & Blade and Exanima, this gladiator sim features physics-based combat with ragdoll animation, a career mode with RPG and Roguelike elements, and equipment that can be modified.

Permadeath raises the stakes high, seeing your armour-clad hero entertain bigger crowds in larger coliseums. New weapons and armour are earned along the way, and it will be possible to team up with allies or battle one-on-one.

Budding Russell Crowes can answer the call to arms on November 14th. The Steam page is live, featuring those all-important system requirements.