Out this week: Metal: Hellsinger, SBK 22, You Suck at Parking, Little Orpheus, Blind Fate: Edo no Yami, and XIII remake (again)

After being delayed due to worldwide events, Little Orpheus is finally out this week. If your mind needs a jog, it’s a 2.5D side-scrolling adventure inspired by such movies as Flash Gordon, Sinbad, and The Land that Time Forgot. The Apple Arcade version went on to become an award winner, often championed as one of the format’s finest.

On the subject of delays, the XIII remake finally comes to Switch, while Xbox Series and PS5 owners receive a free upgrade. Developer Tower Five took over the reins, reworking it almost enirely so that it’s more in line with the original – and fan’s expectations. The Switch also gets Dungeons 3, Kalypso’s take on the celebrated Dungeon Keeper, which retains much of the dark humour.  

Metal: Hellsinger is perhaps the week’s biggest release – with only annual racer SBK 22 coming close. Hellsinger has been causing a buzz on social media since the demo dropped, being a rhythm FPS with a similar aesthetic to DOOM Eternal. You’re encouraged to slay in tune of the music, which becomes more raucous by staying in rhythm. It’s heading to Game Pass at launch, as is You Suck at Parking – the comical, extreme, parking party game.

Then there’s Square-Enix’s Voice of Cards: The Beasts of Burden on PS4, the visually enhanced Q.U.B.E. 10th Anniversary, and the samurai robo-folklore slasher Blind Fate: Edo no Yami.

Other new releases include the WWII FPS Isonzo, 2D strategic shooter Despot’s Game: Dystopian Army Builder (also on Game Pass), retro adventure The Dark Prophecy, promising roguelike Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy, and the Frozen Hearth expansion for the excellent Nobody Saves the World.

Shoot’em up Cotton Reboot! is also hovering on Xbox One release lists – we may have to wait until the Tokyo Game Show for an official announcement.

New release trailers

SBK 22

Metal: Hellsinger

Little Orpheus

You Suck at Parking


Voice of Cards: The Beasts of Burden


Despot’s Game: Dystopian Army Builder

Blind Fate: Edo no Yami 

Q.U.B.E. 10th Anniversary

Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy 

Dungeons 3 – Nintendo Switch Edition

The Dark Prophecy 

Devoured by Darkness

New multiformat releases

  • SBK 22
  • Metal: Hellsinger
  • Despot’s Game: Dystopian Army Builder
  • Blind Fate: Edo no Yami
  • Q.U.B.E. 10th Anniversary
  • Little Orpheus
  • Plunder Panic
  • Devoured by Darkness
  • Isonzo
  • Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy
  • Nobody Saves the World: Frozen Hearth
  • Unichrome: A 1-Bit Unicorn Adventure
  • Last Beat Enhanced
  • The Dark Prophecy
  • Maggie the Magnet

New on PSN

  • Outer Wilds – PS5
  • Inertial Drift: Twilight Rivals Edition – PS5
  • Voice of Cards: The Beasts of Burden
  • Windstorm: Start of a Great Friendship
  • Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder
  • Arcade Archives: Rompers

New on Xbox Store

  • River City Girls Zero
  • You Suck at Parking
  • Cotton Reboot!
  • Amazing Chicken Adventures
  • Knights & Guns
  • Wayward Strand
  • Family Man

New Switch retail releases

eShop round-up coming Thursday

  • XIII
  • Dungeons 3
  • Yuppie Psycho
  • Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo

Next week: The DioField Chronicle, Beacon Pines, Soulstice, Slime Rancher 2, Hardspace: Shipbreaker, Train Life: A Railway Simulator, DreamWorks Dragons: Legends of the Nine Realms, Return to Monkey Island (Switch), Piofiore: Episodio 1926, SpiderHeck, OneShot: World Machine Edition, Jack Move, Construction Simulator – Extended Edition, Potion Permit, Serial Cleaners, Session: Skate Sim, and Blood Waves (PS5/XSX.)

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