Antonblast is an eccentric GBA-style platformer with a focus on destruction

Summitsphere’s well-received Antonball Deluxe is about to get a semi-sequel, Kickstarter depending.

Antonblast is a GBA-style 2D action platformer influenced by Wario Land 4, Shovel Knight, and Metroid that stars a hot-headed lead. You’d be mad too if Satan stole your prized collection of spirits.

Armed with a hammer, it’s a case of smashing your way across nine worlds to reach the gates of hell. Wario Land appears to be the biggest influence, as it’s occasionally possible to leap from the background to the foreground. Levels have also been designed to either explore leisurely or rush through, while features will include a boss rush mode and a hard mode.

It’s currently in the works for Steam and Switch, but if the Kickstarter reaches its goals it will arrive on Xbox and PlayStation formats too. What’s neat about this campaign is that a demo is available, giving chance to see how it’s shaping up.

“We set out to create a game inspired by the exploration and wacky worlds of games like Wario Land when we realized there was a distinct lack of titles like that being made anymore, but we weren’t interested in simply copy-pasting those games,” explains Tony Grayson, Studio Head at Summitsphere.

“It was really important for us to be able to push the genre forward, rather than be emulative. After many months of hard work, Antonblast has been shaped far more strongly by our own diverse voices and experiences than any one game or series, and I think fans of the genre and new players alike will greatly enjoy what we have in store.”

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