Vitamin Connection, Devil May Cry 3, Warface, UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH and SEGA Ages Sonic 2 hit the Switch eShop

The age-old saying “Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” springs to mind when browsing this week’s Switch eShop selection.

There’s the Japanese shooter collection Psikyo Shooting Stars Bravo (something old), Wayforward’s innovative Switch exclusive Vitamin Connection (something new), a conversion of the esteemed PlayStation 2 hack ‘n slash Devil May Cry 3 (something borrowed), and a SEGA Ages re-release of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (something blue).

Quite why SEGA hasn’t lined-up more Sonic re-releases to coincide with the Sonic movie is beyond us. Talk about missing an open goal.

Word has it that while Psikyo Shooting Stars Bravo – which includes Samurai Aces Episode I, Samurai Aces Episode II: TENGAI, Samurai Aces Episode III: SENGOKU CANNON, GUNBARICH, GUNBIRD, and GUNBIRD2 – is a decent package, it pales in comparison to Shooting Stars Alpha. The lack of online leaderboards and historic materials likewise remains disappointing.

Capcom, on the other hand, has pulled out all the stops for Devil May Cry 3. It’s more than a mere conversion, showcasing a great deal of thought and attention, including a new freestyle fighting system that allows styles to be swapped on the fly. It received glowing reviews from both God is a Geek and Game Revolution, with the former even calling it one of the best HD re-releases around.

It also sounds like Wayforward has put considerable effort into Vitamin Connection, utilising everything the Switch has to offer. Even the craft piloted by the bug-blasting heroes resemble JoyCons. With music varying from J-Pop to hip hop, and a selection of mini-games that use the infrared sensors, it sounds like it showcases Wayforward on top form.

Then there’s UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late[cl-r], the latest update in the cult beat’em series. It has quite the history, with the original even running on SEGA’s arcade hardware. Expect to see and hear more from this brawler soon – it’s one of nine games present at this year’s Evolution Championship Series tournament, which always gains coverage from the gaming press.

The first reviews are positive so far, including an 8.5 from Gamer Heroes. “Frantic, fluid, and fun, Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[cl-r] features all the greatest parts of the fighting game genre. It’s not a revolutionary update, but rather an evolutionary one designed for those looking for accessible yet nuanced gameplay and a truly diverse roster,” they said.

Going back to our opening paragraph, Double Dragon & Kunio-kun: Retro Brawler Bundle offers a peculiar mixture of old and new. Well, kind of – 11 of the Kunio-kun games present were never released outside of Japan before, this marking the first time they’ve been translated into English.

This is a bigger deal than it may sound – that’s a lot of translation work. In addition to Double Dragon 1-3, it also includes Renegade – a brawler Spectrum fans will be familiar with.

Other Switch releases for this week include SEGA AGES Puyo Puyo 2, the free-to-play shooter Warface, and Blood Breed – a horror adventure with PSone-style visuals. Itchy, tasty.

New Switch eShop releases

UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late[cl-r] – £34.99

The brand new iteration of the cult hit Under Night In-Birth saga, coming for the first time on Nintendo Switch!

Fast, chaotic and spectacular anime battles galore for fans of the genre and newcomers alike.

Developed by acclaimed 2D fighting game studio French-Bread, Under Night In-Brith Exe:Late[cl-r] will feature a new playable character -Londrekia- and updates to the game which include nearly a thousand balance changes and new moves.

Blood will be Spilled – £13.00

You follow the story of Jack – a mosquito bounty hunter, on his path of revenge. Soon however, he finds himself neck-deep in a vicious scheme that is far more than he bargained for. Heavily outgunned and outnumbered, Jack will need help from a few rather unusual allies to even the odds. In the land with no laws, from deserted anthills and dusty mines, through badland battlefields to treacherous swamps, he’s on a hunt for the Calaveras gang. And they are wanted alive…or dead.

SEGA AGES Puyo Puyo 2 – £5.99

Stack and chain your Puyo combos to negate the Garbage puyos sent by your opponent. Swap between Single Puyo Puyo, Double Puyo Puyo, and Endless Puyo Puyo game modes for more Puyo fun.

Sudoku Relax 4 Winter Snow – £4.59

The popular “Sudoku Relax” title is coming out with a sequel, “Sudoku Relax 4”.

You can enjoy the effect of soft and warm snow in new “Sudoku Relax”.

Choose from EASY, NORMAL, or HARD modes with over 300 puzzles.

Exercise your brain and wind down to the relaxing gameplay and music.

Corridor Z – £7.00

Ordinary high school, zombie outbreak and the bunch of survivors in a run for life.

This time you don’t ‘face’ the obstacles, but the actual pursuit. Don’t let the zombies catch you up, throw them the obstacles and aim for the head before they take the first bite. In the meantime find the lost recordings of the audio log and reveal where did the infection come from in your small town.

Tank Onslaught – £1.79

Meet recognizable gameplay in the game “Tank Onslaught”

The action range is visible from above. The player must, controlling his tank, destroy all enemy tanks at a level that gradually appear at the top of the playing field.

Oddmar – £8.09

Oddmar struggles with life in his village and is not worthy of a place in Valhalla. He is shunned by his fellow Vikings and must redeem himself of his squandered potential. One day he is offered an opportunity to prove himself, but at a price…

IMMERSE yourself in an epic Viking story animated as a motion comic.

Lines XL – £1.79

Lines XL – beautiful Numberlink-based puzzle game involving finding paths to connect colored tiles in a grid.

Lines XL – 3rd game in Lines (X, Infinite, XL) series.

Tower of Babel – no mercy – £8.99

Who, as a child, didn’t enjoy smashing his brother’s or sister’s carefully built tower?

Tower of Babel is a multiplayer physics-based tower building game. You and your friends will have to build a tower together. But beware! Who makes the tower collapse loses the game. Build with caution then cast magic spells to scupper your friends moves!

Easy to pick up and endless fun! Play with your friends or with your family in 3 crazy modes. You can also play online against another team!

Brief Battles – £12.49

Brief Battles brings butt-em-up action to your screen in a party game with a cheeky twist: It’s all about the undies! Start hilarious battles with nothing but your buns to slam and squish those in your sights. Scramble to grab super-powered undies to embrace the power of the butt and gain an underwear-fueled edge over your friends, as you strive to prove who has the mightiest buns.

Ciel Fledge: A Daughter Raising Simulator – £17.99

In the year 3716, humanity lives under constant risk of ruin from a colossal alien threat known as “GIGANT”. Fleeing its destruction, a mysterious young girl arrives on ARK-3, a magnificent city built in the sky.

Ciel Fledge is a game about raising an adopted daughter in a future world that still has hope. Featuring compelling management gameplay and a loveable cast of characters, it’s up to you to take care of Ciel until she reaches adulthood and becomes ready to fledge the nest.

Last Encounter – £12.19

Last Encounter is a twin-stick action roguelite in deep space following a group of heroes trying to prevent the unavoidable by cloning their ships and designing their weapons with swappable components.

Advanced technology lets you and your friends clone your avatars so death is not the end. Teleport into new sectors of space, discovering the ever-changing, procedurally generated layouts and hazards filled with strange beings and alien environments.

Dark Tower – £4.49

Dark Tower is a brutal permadeath game. A deadly tower rooms of death exploration game where your every move is critical. Puzzle your way to the very top of the tower by unlocking doors with a brutally limited number of keys. Face dangerous enemies such as goblins, skeletons, mages, vampires, and more!

Ego Protocol: Remastered – £4.49

A mixture of logical and classical platform games!

60 levels and 4 different mechanics of playing!

Unique stage mechanics framed in a hand-made graphics!


UBERMOSH:OMEGA, the apex of Walter Machado’s Cult Classic series UBERMOSH.

The retro-hardcore topdown masterpiece was carefully crafted during 5 years of community feedback, carrying over 4k sprites, tribal drums, fuzzed guitars and flawless gameplay.

Otherworldly – £6.29

In Otherworldly your objective is to search maze for gold. But be careful, because dangerous monsters lurks in the shadows as well. Use your dexterity to avoid being caught! Find gold, hide in the dark and proceed to the exit. Atmospheric, horror-like game in which your aim to find gold in the labyrinth. Avoid traps, monsters and try to escape with legendary treasures.

Knightin’+ – £5.99

Join brave Sir Lootalot on his epic quest in this little adventure. Explore and fight your way through the four dangerous dungeons filled with dangerous traps, devious puzzles and magical artifacts.

Survive all four dungeons by unlocking new abilities and items that can help Sir Lootalot conquer his enemies.

Knightin’+ is a classic adventure game inspired by many of the amazing masterpieces from 90s.

King Lucas – £4.49

After an incident King Lucas had with the Witch of Sausan, the Queen left him and remarried in an adjacent kingdom, and now his daughters are the only ones left at his side. Due to his love for them, each and every time they get lost in the castle, he moves heaven and earth to get them back and he only resorts to the most intrepid knights in order to find them. Will you be one of those knights?

Fishing Adventure – £8.09

Over 30 species of fish,

7 large locations inspired by real places in the world,

Interesting quests,


Psikyo Shooting Stars Bravo – £35.99

Samurai Aces Episode I, Samurai Aces Episode II: TENGAI, Samurai Aces Episode III: SENGOKU CANNON, GUNBARICH, GUNBIRD, and GUNBIRD2 unite to form this epic arcade collection! Bring the arcade home by blasting through these shooters vertically in the popular ‘TATE’ mode for the ultimate shoot-’em-up experience!

Vitamin Connection – £15.14

Step into the roles of Vita-Boy & Mina-Girl, co-piloting the Capsule Ship to wipe out vile pathogens from within the body of a host. Using innovative controls, you’ll zap down foes with your Vitamin Beam, brandish the ship’s handy claw module, and twist and turn through colorful, maze-like environments to save the members of the Sable family — including the dog! — from an assortment of hazardous and increasingly wacky predicaments. Every stage also features variety-packed sub-games that will have you tilting, grabbing, and dancing your way to victory!

Double Dragon & Kunio-kun: Retro Brawler Bundle – £32.39

We’re proud to present you this compilation of 18 titles from the Double Dragon and Kunio-kun series.

Among the 15 Kunio-kun titles, 11 of these had not been released in North America yet! All the in-game text has been translated in English.

Choose between playing the “original version” or the “quality up version”, where the mechanics and the game commands have been improved!

Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition – £15.99

Set before the events of the original Devil May Cry, this action classic sees Dante facing off against his twin brother, Vergil, who has designs on unlocking a gate to the demonic realm, to which Dante himself holds the key… Featuring selectable combat styles such as Swordmaster and Gunslinger, Devil May Cry 3 brings an extra level of strategy to the series’ renowned stylish gameplay.

This edition includes all of the Special Edition content, including the ability to play as Vergil, and even includes extra bonus features exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.

Uncharted Tides: Port Royal – £13.49

Dead men tell no tales!

And tales about an infamous ship – The Cursed Rose – probably cost renowned sailor Mason Owens his life. As his daughter you can do only one thing – find the damned ship and learn your father’s fate.

Fred3ric – £8.99

Frederic is back… Although the previous battle ended with a victory, the evil is again present. Zeitgeist*, the wicked, cybernetic, quintessence of absolute evil, has a plan. Evil plan to throw Frederic into the vortex of time while taking away everything that is most valuable to him. Zeitgeist is not alone. Frederic will have to face the infected, steel-bound great composers of bygone times. Skills and piano are the only things our hero has left – is this enough this time?

3000th Duel – £11.29

A hero with no memory, and with a mysterious mask covering his face, is thrown out into this land of unknown. Reaching to an end of his journey, he discovers a truth that is hard to swallow – something terrifying about his true identity…

Explore a huge world with organically connected biomes of more than 300!

Terrifying monsters, multiple platform-actions and mysteries await you.

Warface – £0.00

Warface is an online first-person shooter like no other. Battle across 50+ multiplayer PvP maps, tackle tough PvE raids in co-op, and unleash a vast arsenal of 200+ realistic customizable weapons. Join over 80 million players worldwide, and play for free now!

Escape First – £4.49

After attending a spectacular performance at the circus “De la Luna”, you find yourself trapped inside the clown’s quarters. In a few minutes his show will end. Will you be able to find his spare key and escape before he returns? Everyone knows that clowns don’t like other people touching their stuff!

Blood Breed – £5.39

Blood Breed is a brutal, retro-styled survival horror with challenging gameplay and mature visuals (nudity can be toggled on and off in the game menu).

In this stylish game, you will fight for your life and explore hand-crafted-like environments.

Your car breaks down in a mysterious area, full of horrific human remains, and you’re left to face a murderous maniac who is hunting you down. As you dive deeper into the story, you begin to discover the twisted and paranormal meaning to it all…

Will you survive to see the light of day again?

New on 3DS eShop

Bricks Pinball 2 – £8.99

Bricks Pinball is a brick breaker game which combines the game mechanics of a traditional brick breaker and a flipper game.

Play through 15 exciting levels as you aim for a high score.

Next week: Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection, Two Point Hospital, SAMURAI SHODOWN, Hayfever, The Unholy Society, ARCADE FUZZ, Portal Dogs, Vasilis, Edgar – Bokbok in Boulzac, Heaven Dust, Hero must die. Again, Kingdom Rush Frontiers, Wanderlust Travel Stories, MouseCraft, Soul Axiom Rebooted, UnderHero, Dual Brain Vol.3: Shapes, Voxelgram, and Served!

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