Stellatum makes the jump to consoles next month – see the sci-fi shooter in action

Top-down space shooter Stellatum makes the jump from PC to consoles next month, arriving 9th October on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

We’ve spent an hour with the Xbox One version (footage below) and early impressions are favourable, drawing comparisons with the excellent Sky Force Anniversary.

The main campaign features 80 bite-sized missions spread across a map with branching paths. This means there are usually a couple of different missions to choose from, varying from ‘search and sweep’ side-quests to boss battles.

Every mission we’ve beaten so far has unlocked blueprints for new arsenal – the whole shebang is tied around a crafting system, with certain weapons requiring rare components.

Over the course of an hour, we went from pea-shooter calibre machine guns to quadruple shotguns and homing missile barrages. This adds a welcome sense of progression, all while making us eager to see how powerful the tiny craft becomes by the end of the campaign.

Although we haven’t seen a great deal in backdrop variety so far, it does boast a nice line of explosions. The screen scrolls smoothly too. That said, it doesn’t always provide enough time to destroy whatever’s being thrown at you.

If the developers are planning a pre-launch patch, larger text and icons wouldn’t go amiss. It can also be tricky to tell the difference between enemy bullets and crafting materials dropped by foes, both being little more than sparkly dots. It’s a good job, then, that the spacecraft can withstand several hits.

Look out for a full review closer to launch. In the meantime, more screenshots and info can be found on the Switch and Xbox One product pages.

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