Cuphead launches on Switch today – we’ll drink to that

The Switch continues to prove that it’s the little system that could, placing an extremely competent conversion of Cuphead in the hands of run ‘n gun fans.

Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry was left entirely smitten. “Cuphead delivers a locked 60 frames per second on both docked and mobile Switch configurations, meaning that it’s absolutely on par with the Xbox One version in terms of fluidity and consistency – a boon for a sideways shooter like this one,” was their verdict.

Review scores are a mixture of 8s and 9s so far, with many critics claiming that’s an ideal game for the Switch, ergo one that’s more than welcome.

Reviews for Katana ZERO – a stylish, insta-death, samurai slashing platformer – are also starting to surface today, and in short, barely a bad word has been said. Screen Rant doled out top marks (5/5) before claiming that it’s one of the best games of 2019 so far.

“There’s so much to like about it – its sleekness, its bizarre plot, its beguiling soundtrack, the fluidity of its slashing-around – and so very little to take issue with. If Katana ZERO were to have a fault it would be its length which is on the shorter side. But what a wonderful problem, when a game’s only flaw is that there isn’t enough of it in the world.”

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster is another one of this week’s high scorers, and as you may have already guessed, it’s yet another retro re-release more than welcome on Nintendo’s platform. Two fan favourite JRPGs in one tidy package – there’s not much to dislike here. “It goes without saying that Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD Remaster is an incredible port of a pair of already incredible games. While both Final Fantasy X and X-2 have received numerous new releases over the past several years, it is apparent that the Nintendo Switch version holds up extremely well alongside the other available systems,” said the role-player lovers over at RPG Site.

The Harvest Moon alike ‘life simulator’ My Time at Portia is one you may want to approach with caution. It has gone down rather well on PS4 and Xbox One, praised for its relaxing nature, but the Switch version apparently has technical issues. Long loading times, input lag, and poor visuals reportedly put a dampener on the experience.

Konami’s eight-game strong Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection isn’t off to the best possible start either, with the first review off the bat being a lukewarm 6/10 from The Metro: “A seemingly random collection of Konami arcade games that’s so incoherent and bare bones it won’t please retro fans or newcomers.”

You’ll find the full list of new Switch releases below, with other notable new arrivals including the point ‘n clicker Trüberbrook, visual novel Our World Is Ended, the taxing isometric puzzler SlabWell: The Quest For Kaktun’s Alpaca, and the hypnotic, visually arresting, adventure Path to Mnemosyne.

My Time at Portia – £24.99
Restore your Pa’s neglected workshop to its former glory by fulfilling commissions, growing crops, raising animals, and befriending the quirky inhabitants of this charming post-apocalyptic land!

Our World Is Ended. – £39.99
Explore a faithful recreation of Asakusa, one of Tokyo’s most iconic districts as elements from the game worlds will slowly manifest themselves and threaten to destroy the entire district itself…

Trüberbrook – £24.99
Trüberbrook is a thrilling mystery-sci-fi adventure game. Enjoy an adventurous vacation to a 1960’s parallel universe! A Sci-Fi-Mystery Adventure Game with handmade scenery.

Cuphead – £16.99
Cuphead is a classic run and gun action game heavily focused on boss battles. Inspired by cartoons of the 1930s, the visuals and audio are painstakingly created with the same techniques of the era: traditional hand drawn cel animation, watercolour backgrounds, and original jazz recordings.

Active Soccer 2019 – £8.99
Active Soccer 2019 is an exciting top-down arcade football game providing a fast-paced arcade experience, implementing amazing playability and responsive easy-to-learn/hard-to-master controls.

Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection – £15.99
This collection includes 8 arcade masterpieces of the 80s, from Nemesis to Haunted Castle, but also a bonus eBook packed with new information about the titles, including interviews with the development staff, behind-the-scenes insights, and sketches and design documents never before revealed to the public!

Croc’s World 2 – £4.49
“Croc’s World 2” is a really nice platformer with 60 incredible levels and many challenging enemies!

Construction Machines Simulator – £25.19
If you are a fan of construction or destruction this game is for you. Become a boss of the building company. Sit behind the wheels of multiple vehicles like excavators or cranes and expand your business. Build campsites, rental homes, office parks and more.

Cafeteria Nipponica – £8.99
Don your chef’s hat and hit the kitchen! You’re the chef de cuisine in this scrumptious simulation that’ll have you coming back for seconds… and more! Run your own restaurant, find ingredients, research recipes and spice up your culinary repertoire! Only you can bring your establishment sweet success!

Dawn of Survivors – £1.59
From decaying cities to dark forests, you will fight through hordes of zombies and desperate scavengers. Find food. Build shelter. Prepare yourself. For when the sun rises, so do the dead.

DayD: Through Time – £7.89
Brian is a gifted and eccentric scientist who has created a time machine and traveled into the past! But it turns out you can’t expect a careless stroll through the lands of the dinosaurs. His former friend, Doctor Terrible, is already here! He created a time machine before Brian and has already managed to install game machines in the dinosaur era!

Iron Snout – £4.99
Once upon a time, pigs would have to build a house of bricks to keep the wolves at bay, but not anymore. In Iron Snout, its hero piggie has taken up learning martial arts and now it’s the wolves that need to keep their distance because in this bonkers button-mashing beat ’em up, bacon is off the menu for good.

Hell is Other Demons – £8.99
This arcade shooter is driven by quick, creative gameplay that rewards fast decision making and faster reflexes.

GoatPunks – £7.99
GoatPunks is a multiplayer action game pitting your goat against other players in a battle to become king of the mountain. Fight through an onslaught of bombs, obstacles and each other to climb to the top of 9 uniquely themed mountains each offering distinct challenges. Once up there, stay on top of the competition for 30 hectic seconds to claim victory.

Katana ZERO – £13.49
Katana ZERO is a stylish neo-noir, action-platformer featuring breakneck action and instant-death combat. Slash, dash, and manipulate time to unravel your past in a beautifully brutal acrobatic display.

Moto Rush GT – £13.49
Fast-paced, polished and dynamic motorbike racing now on Nintendo Switch! One of a kind game entirely playable with any control method including… Toy-Con Motorbike! (Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 01: Variety Kit)

Path to Mnemosyne – £8.99
Immerse yourself into Path to Mnemosyne, a hypnotic adventure created within an infinite zoom! Walk the path, explore your mind and recover all lost memories by solving dozens of imaginative puzzles.

SlabWell: The Quest For Kaktun’s Alpaca – £8.99
Somewhere deep in the Amazon jungle, lies the finest treasure mankind has ever crafted: The Jade Alpaca. Professional thief duo Sam and Jacky head off on an adventure to recover the mythical artifact, determined to solve the riddles and overcome the challenges that have kept it safe through centuries.

Secrets of Magic – The Book of Spells – £8.99
Dive into a magical world of witches and wizards. Travel through magical lands, relaxing music and help Victoria collect unique items along her journey to become a witch. Learn from the ancient Book of Spells in this engaging Match 3 game. And prove your skills in the Challenge mode!

Risky Rescue – £4.49
At each level save people standing on the hard to reach places and become a hero! Unlock helicopters with different parameters and complete over 50 demanding levels. If that’s not enough try yourself in endless mode, where your skills can compete with the timer. Use your reflexes but be gentle, there is no place for mistakes in a Risky Rescue!

Sudoku Relax – £4.59
Enjoy a total of 300 puzzles on EASY, NORMAL and HARD difficulty. Relax with the help of the game’s pleasant BGM and backgrounds. As you clear puzzles, you will unlock more BGM and background effects.

Tanks Meet Zombies – £8.99
Dress up as an Assault Armored Vehicle and prepare yourself to speed date, we mean destroy, hordes and hordes of undead humans, bears, spiders and more! Join with up to 3 more friends and get ready to wreak havoc. It will be a BLAST!

the Knight & the Dragon – £8.99
During a date with Arthur the Knight, Princess Daphne is kidnapped by Synge the Dragon. She’ll be turned into a Lady Dragon once Synge finds all the magic Crystals! Time is running out! Do you have what it takes to rescue Daphne? Temple Tower is right ahead, go and face the Dungeon Boss.

Witch Thief – £11.99
In Witch Thief, dodge, duck and weave through terrifyingly intricate patterns of magical projectiles as you seek the greatest treasure of all. The Ancient and powerful Grimoire!

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions – £0.00
Deploy units and unleash deadly magical abilities, while completing quests to earn blessings from the gods. Only the mightiest of warriors will stand victorious in this battle for the Mortal Realms, spanning both physical and digital worlds.

The Padre – £17.99
The Padre is a retro stylised 3D horror adventure game tapping deep into the roots of classic horror games. The dark and striking atmosphere is often cut by the wicked humour of the always witty Padre. You will need to use your brains to solve challenging puzzles, as well as your brawns to fend off monsters, all at the same time while you try to unravel the mysteries of the mansion, yourself and the eternal fight between good and evil. Be weary though, if you fail enough times it’s a permanent GAME OVER for you!

You Died but a Necromancer revived you – £7.99
Reaching the top to challenge the Necromancer is no easy feat, the pathways are narrow and full of traps: chainsaws, spikes, cannons, flamethrowers… On top of that, the floor behind you will start exploding if you take too long!

New Switch demos

Ayakashi Koi Gikyoku -Forbidden Romance with Mysterious Spirit-
Croc’s World 2

New on Wii U(!)

PixelMaker Studio – £8.99
Using easy to use tools on your Wii U GamePad, you can design images as simple or as complex as you like. Experiment, and create characters and scenes based on your favorite classic video games, or draw straight out of your own imagination!

Next week: Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, Mortal Kombat 11, Beyond Enemy Lines: Covert Operations, Deponia, Lost King’s Lullaby, Homo Machina, Vandals, Type:Rider, Aggelos, Death Coming, Cytus α, PICROSS S3, Joe Jump Impossible Quest, Moero Chronicle Hyper, Dig Dog, and Rogue Bit.

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