Corpse Party arrives on 3DS this week, just in time for Halloween

Following on from last week’s eShop Halloween sale, which is still underway, a trio of spooky games head to Wii U and 3DS this week. Well, two if we’re being brutally honest – Gurumin 3D: A Monstrous Adventure’s bright colour palette prevents it from being truly monstrous.

On Wii U there’s Mr. Pumpkin Adventure (£3.99), a 2D point and clicker that first released on PC back in July. The titular hero has lost his memories, and while trying to remember his past, accidentally uncovers an evil plot. With Steam reviews favourable – and a super low asking price – it could be one to consider.


The Wii U also gets Solitaire (£4.49) and Just Dance 2017 (£39.99) this week, along with an assortment of Minecraft: Wii U Edition Halloween skins (£1.59) and the Battle Map Pack 4 (£2.59).

Owners of the delightful Runbow meanwhile can add Shantae to the character roster for free.


Things are a tad more exciting on 3DS. Japanese high school horror adventure Corpse Party (£24.99) makes the jump from PSP, complete with four new chapters. There are no reviews currently but all signs point to it being a safe purchase. The violence from the Japanese version is being intact, so there’s no need to worry about censorship.

Gurumin 3D: A Monstrous Adventure (£14.99) is likewise a belated PSP conversion. Nintendo Life found it to be shorter than most RPGS but claimed that there are plenty of reasons to return, including a New Game+ mode.

“Gurumin 3D may be short on epic story and have a few technical blemishes around the edges of its gameplay, but its fun style and a surprising depth in collectibles and replayability make it well worthy of consideration for action-RPG fans”, they said.


These two are then joined by Fairune 2 (£6.89), a retro pixel-art RPG that promises to be five times bigger than the original. Then on New 3DS there’s RCMADIAX score-chaser BOX UP, which sounds rather similar to Doodle Jump et al.

A handful of late additions join the Halloween sale on Thursday, including 3Souls (£2.20) and Zombie Defense (£3.56) on Wii U and Zombie Incident (£1.49), The Legend of Dark Witch 2 (£4.99) and Witch & Hero (£1.99) on 3DS. Maybe they didn’t get the memo.

We have some regular, non-Halloween, discounts too. Highlights include Family Tennis SP (£2.99), Double Breakout (£4.50), Samurai Defender (£1.99) and Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition (£2.29).

Defend Your Crypt (£2.29) is also part of the ‘regular’ sale. We’re sure Nintendo could have squeezed it into the Halloween section – crypts and tombs are pretty dank.

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