Get ready to drift away with Xeodrifter

We wasn’t sure if Nintendo would get round to releasing an eShop schedule this week, but here we are.

We’ve already had the biggest eShop release of the week – Nintendo slipped EarthBound Beginnings onto the eShop earlier today, following yesterday’s surprise announcement. It’s the first game in the much loved Mother series, translated into English for the first time ever.

In the spirit of E3, here’s the launch trailer:

Unless Nintendo makes another surprise announcement at E3, the rest of the week’s eShop releases are all for 3DS. Specifically, Renegade Kid’s Xeodrifter (£7.99), art package thing Comic Workshop 2 (£4.29 if you own Comic Workshop, otherwise £7.19), Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley (£34.99 – some free outfit/building DLC also available) and My Zoo Vet Practice 3D (£24.99).


Nintendo Life reviewed The Lost Valley back in March and wasn’t very impressed with the supposed franchise reboot. “Most of the new features, while good on paper, are implemented poorly and add to the detriment of what could have been such a great game” they claimed.

On a more positive note, the same outlet reports that Xeodrifter is well worth investigating. “It’s not an adventure for the faint of heart, but there’s no reason that Xeodrifter should be overlooked by platforming fans – especially those missing a little Samus Aran in their lives” they said.

As for discounts, it appears that Joindots and Gamelion are temporarily cutting prices on their back catalogues for the umpteenth time. As such, we won’t go into these price cuts in full detail. Or indeed any detail at all.

This week isn’t a write-off for digital bargain hunters though – Atlus’ Citizens of Earth falls to £6.29 on Wii U and 3DS while Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition drops to £2.87. We’re also going to give Gravity Badgers a shout out as it’s a mere £2.49 until 16th July. And the name amuses us.

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