It’s time to return to Tallon IV – Metroid Prime Trilogy arrives on Wii U this week

We imagine that the majority of Wii U owners will either be dusting off their console or topping up their eShop credit for Metroid Prime Trilogy.

The collection – which can sell for as much as £60 in physical form – arrives on the eShop this Thursday for £8.99, with the price due to rise to £17.99 on 5th February. You can bet the price of physical copies will swiftly drop, if it hasn’t already.

Rock 'N Racing Off Road

The Wii U also gets the GBA classic Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (£6.29) this week, along with Rock ‘N Racing Off Road (£5.39). Not to be confused with Blizzard’s Rock ‘N Roll Racing, this is in fact a new release from EnjoyUp. It appears to have more in common with Super Off Road though than Rock ‘N Roll Racing. Notable features include a five-player mode and online ranking tables.

Hyrule Warriors: Majora’s Mask Pack also arrives this Thursday. Priced at £6.29, it includes the Termina map, six 8-bit weapons, sixteen new mask-inspired costumes, two new playable characters (Young Link and Tingle) and three new costumes (Skull Kid’s Clothes for Lana, and Era of the Hero of Time Outfits for Sheik and Impa). In the words of Tingle, “Kooloo limpah!”


3DS owners have Gunman Clive 2 (£2.50) to look forward to. The original side-scrolling shooter went down a storm. This sequel looks set to offer more of the same, only on a bigger scale – more diverse environments, bigger bosses and tons of new enemies are promised, along with improved visuals.

There’s also Best of Board Games (£19.99) – which includes Chess, Mah-jong, Solitaire – and Best of Arcade Games (£19.99). Publisher Big Ben hasn’t provided a list of contents for the latter, but we assume it’s the same collection that launched on PSN last week.

Just one game is due a price drop this week, and that’s Cake Ninja 3: The Legend Continues (£3.33 until 5th Feb). It’s either a match-three puzzler or one of those hidden object things – we can’t muster up enough enthusiasm to check.

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