The biggest Sumo in Sheffield

Time for another of our regular jaunts around the gaming world via the medium of Google Street View. Nothing topical or clever this month: let’s just go and have a gander at Sumo Digital.

After all, it’s official: everyone likes Sumo Digital. With various Sonic Racing and OutRun titles to their name, you would, wouldn’t you? So: to Sheffield!

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And look at that, another reason to like them: there’s a bloody great big sumo wrestler festooned on the front of the building. It’s the company’s logo, of course, but still: excellent work.

The location’s pretty good too: it’s down the road from the Meadowhall shopping centre, just off the M1. Which, if you’ve been paying attention to the news, also means it’s only about a mile from the proposed route for phase two of the HS2 high speed rail line between the West Midlands and Leeds, which was announced this week.

So this was topical after all! Clever? You be the judge.

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