Retro Gamer reaches 100

The 100th issue of Retro Gamer has arrived and as you may have guessed, it’s rather special.

The editors have been keeping the contents a secret for the past few months but now those secrets are out of the bag. Quite literally in this case – for possibly the first time ever the magazine comes in a polythene bag due to the fact that it contains a reprint of the incredibly rare first issue. The price has been bumped up from £4.99 to £5.99 this month to take the extra issue into account but it’s still a bloody bargain – issue 1 has been known to sell for as much as £120 on eBay.

Inside the 100th issue not only is there a ‘making of’ the original Game Boy Tetris but also two more ‘making of’ articles on both Sonic the Hedgehog and GTA. This is as well as a look at the videogame crash of 1984, a chat with the father of videogames Ralph Baer and a huge feature on the top 100 classic gaming moments.

Homebrew hero Jason Kelk has also taken time to create an exclusive game for Retro Gamer – a platformer for the C64 titled RG Rampage. You can click here to download it instantly or type in the four pages of code printed in the magazine. That sounds like a challenge in itself.

How are they going to ever top this? Issue 101’s planned celebration of 25 years of Metal Gear Solid and look back at Ocean Software sound like a fine place for Retro Gamer to start.

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