Gold Skylanders land a packet

It seems fitting to start off this month’s eBay round-up by talking about the one eBay-related story that gained the attention of the press. A set of rare silver and gold Skylanders figures ended at a colossal $1,263 (£797) on 18th February. That’s on top of the £30 delivery charge the buyer faced.

Another set with two silver figures also fetched an absurd amount – £399. The most a single figure has sold for, as far as we can see by eBay’s recent completed listings, is this glitter-covered Dark Cynder which sold for £189. It was only available to those who attended Toy Fair 2012.

What could be worth more than a set of shiny action figures? How about the most unlikely thing of all – a Mega Drive football game. A rare blue box version of World Championship Soccer 2 sold for £808 (21 bids). The re-release version, which came in a box made to look like it was covered in brown paper, is virtually worthless.

This Bubsy the Bobcat promo set must almost certainly be one of a kind. For £230 the buyer received an early version of Bubsy II on an EPROM cart, a demo version of Bubsy II on another cart, a badge and postcard and a launch party invite from 1993 printed on a foam flip-flop. A flip-flop.

Think that was bizarre? Take a look at this Sonic the Hedgehog eau de toilette auction, which ended at £149 (25 bids). We quite like the seller’s blurb for this one:

“You are bidding on a super rare bottle of SEGA Sonic The Hedgehog Eau De Toilette cologne. This item was in my sons collection and he only sprayed it one time out of curiosity. I just gave it a very light spray to make sure it is working and now I smell like the blue dude as I write this auction. It’s actually kind of nice! Maybe I should keep it LOL! Just kidding! Actually, it’s nearly full. It sprays using an atomizer, and the volume is approximately 3.5 fluid ounces… less the few sprays as mentioned above. My son basically had this for display in his collection. This is meant to be a little kid’s cologne, so don’t expect it to smell like Channel No 5, but like I said, it’s not bad! And no, it doesn’t smell like a chili dog LOL! (Only a Sonic fan will get that joke)”

Not only are we no curious as to what it smells like, but also to what Channel 5 smells like. Australian soaps and Spice Girls, probably.

Here’s another auction that had us rubbing our eyes: a factory sealed copy of Zelda: Link’s Awakening that went for £2,050 (25 bids). A sealed Wario Land also went for £797 (20 bids) and a copy of Battletoads for £375 (14 bids). Nobody, however, wanted five sealed copies of Final Fantasy I & II for £160. Did you know there were plans for a Battletoads cartoon? Judging by the quality of animation in the pilot, the fact it wasn’t made into a full series was probably for the best.

A new and unused Master System II went for £99.99 (2 bids) while a copy of Power Strike 2 sold for a little more – £120.

It has been said that the price of SNES stuff has shot up in the past year. Completed auctions ring true here – a copy of Cool World went for £670 (29 bids), Daze Before Christmas for £607 (30 bids), Mega Man X2 for £575 (21 bids) and Aero the Acrobat 2 for £330 (9 bids). An American auction for a Blockbusters’ Donkey Kong Country competition cart also sold for $899.99 (£567) on a Buy It Now.

Searching for PSP stuff that’s sold for high amounts becomes a whole lot harder this month due to the costly PS Vita being released. We’ve found a few bits though – a Core Crisis limited edition bundle that went for £300 (1 bid), a Japanese Dissidia 012 Duodecim console that sold for £215 and a development system that fetched $299 (£189).

An unreleased prototype of Aliens vs Predator on Lynx sold for £215 (5 bids). It’s a first person shooter that would have been released around the same time as AvP on the Jaguar. Atari hoped that it would be a much needed system seller for the Lynx. If they had actually thought to release it, it may have been.

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