We’re about ready to Rocksteady

Okay, so Batman: Arkham City has pretty well established itself as the best thing around right about now. But where did it come from?

The simple answer is those talented chaps at Rocksteady Studios. They’re owned by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment these days, but retain their own studio in North London. The next destination for our journey around the world of games via the medium of Google Street View? Spot on, friend.

Unusually, they don’t have an address on their website. While the company is now registered at WBIE’s UK HQ, the studio’s domain still resides in-house. So: to Highgate Studios, NW5!

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Such an unassuming converted factory. It’s not hard to imagine Batman crashing through one of those massive windows in the dark of night, surprising some nefarious villain and, like, fighting some baddies or something.

But no, it’s just some games folk.

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