Augment your wardrobe

Never mind bringing down huge corporations and infiltrating army bases – Deux Ex’s Adam Jensen is brave simply for wearing a leather jacket with embroidery on the shoulders.

The Deus Ex website gives you a chance to be just as brave as Jensen – there’s a clothing store complete with replicas of Jensen’s outfit, including Jensen’s jacket for €189 and jeans for €69. Slightly more affordable is this t-shirt with the Belltower Security logo on for €24.

Meanwhile, Eidos Montreal’s own store has t-shirts, baseball caps and whatnot featuring the Deus Ex logo and artwork for those not willing to dress up in cosplay in public.

The Deus Ex T-shirts on Level Up Wear are more abstract in design, thus more fashionable, although they’re a tad more expensive at €17.99 compared to $19.99 for Eidos’ efforts.

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