Duke it out on your DS

A new Duke Nukem is hitting shop shelves this week. Not, not that one, but rather Duke Nukem: Critical Mass on DS. It has nothing to do with Take-Two or Gearbox – it’s being published by Deep Silver and is part of a trilogy. There’s a little bit of history behind it: developers Apogee thought they’d lost the license at one point and were ready to remove Duke and rename it Extraction Point: Alien Shootout but it turned out the license was safe all along. Critical hit or critical shit? The budget price tag is a bit worrying, as is the lack of review scores.

Movie tie-in Rio is another review-shy game. The only review score I can find is for Angry Birds Rio on iPhone, which is probably selling something stupid like 1 million copies every 7 seconds. The average review score for that is currently 87%, if you’re curious.

Dynasty Warriors 7 is also now available for the two people still interested in the series. I’m sure Tecmo Koei has missed a ‘0’ off the end of the title. But seriously – the Dynasty Warriors games are usually all right if you can stand the repetition. And lack of innovation.

The Kinect and PlayStation Move compatible Brunswick Pro Bowling, 100 Classic Games on DS (which is the sequel to 50 Classic Games, I kid you not) and Activision’s Magical Zhu Zhu Princess: Carriages & Castles (also DS) round the week off. They’re all budget releases, which pretty much says it all.

Next week: Michael Jackson: The Experience, Fantastic Pets, LEGO Ninjago, WSC Real 2011, Midnight Mysteries: Edgar Allen Poe, Plants vs Zombies, Carnival Games: In Action and Spongebob Squigglepants.

Before anybody asks, no, I wasn’t trying to be funny with the name of that last one. That’s genuinely what it’s called.

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