This Week’s Games

Wii Sports has become the best selling game ever, if only because it’s bundled with the Wii itself. Will Wii Sports Resort repeat its success? I doubt it, but it’s bound to do great things in the chart next week.

Major Minors Majestic March is also out now on Wii. It’s from the creator of Parappa the Rapper but unfortunately review scores haven’t been too pleasant. If you’re stupid enough to buy Calvin Tucker’s Redneck Jamboree (again, on Wii) then you deserve a good hard slap. It’s bound to be awful – admit it.

Just one game for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 – the budget priced Watchmen The End is Nigh, which features the download-only game from earlier this year and it’s sequel. If you’re a fan of scrolling beat’em ups then it’s worth a look.

There’s only one game out on DS this week too – City Life, which, according to the box-art, let’s you build the city of the 21st century. I have no idea where they got their inspiration for this one.

Next week: G Force, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy, Music Maker Rockstar, Octomania, Puzzle Kingdoms, Big Foot: Collision Course and Cake Mania in the Mix.

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