World hold on

UK Chart

The top three games in the chart this week are all published by EA – Mercenaries 2: World in Flames at #1, Tiger Woods 09 at #2 and Spore at #3 – but it’s not all good news for the company, with Facebreaker failing to break into the top 40 at all. It’s been universally panned, so this is probably a good thing.

Too Human is already on the slide, dropping from #8 to #16, while Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise clocks in at #23 while Infinite Undiscovery makes a surprise entry at #28.

Nice to see some new decent games make notable entries into in the DS chart – Spore Creatures enters at #12, Final Fantasy IV at #20, Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise at #22 and Civilization Revolution at #45. All of these though have been outsold by the stupidly named Imagine: Teacher, which has leaped a massive 34 places from #40 to #6. Blimey!

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