Nintendo at E3: Wii peripherals and GTA for DS

Nintendo are effectively upgrading the Wii Remote. This immediately sounds warning bells: anything non-standard inevitably means that not everyone has the same equipment – and that’s the essential assumption for console games.

But it’s okay, because the Wii MotionPlus – as it’s being called – will be included with Wii Sports Resort. Also included will be a Wii Remote Jacket. Bargain? Probably. Amongst the new stuff in the game will be Dog Disc, Sword Play and Power Cruising, which looks like Wave Race. Will it better the original Wii Sports? Possibly not.

Animal Crossing: City Folk for Wii looks like more of the same old, but I’ve bought it twice before, and chances are I’ll buy it again. There’s an “urban city area” to visit, but you won’t be able to convene with online friends there – a shame, but very much in line with Nintendo’s policy of shielding people from each other online. You’ll again be able to visit friends’ towns though, and moreover talk to them there with the WiiiSpeak microphone. It’s not going to be a headset though; rather it will allow whole rooms to speak to each other. Hopefully it’ll be better than most conference phones I’ve used.

I like the sound of Wii Music. The Wii Remote and Nunchuck will be used to pretend you’re playing everything from guitar and violin to steel drum and cowbell. COWBELL! What sounds great to me, though, is “a pressure-free musical playground where there are no mistakes.” That’s right, it’s about fun. Can I get a hell yeah?

Not much for the DS, to be honest. There’s Japanese mad music tappy thing Rhythm Heaven, which certainly looks mental. Oh, and an exclusive Grand Theft Auto game – Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.

There are videos and all sorts over on Nintendo’s E3 website.


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  • So, still nothing of any substance on the Wii then? ;)

    Eventually I’m sure the 100 million Wii owning non-gamers will have to get bored with Wii Sports and Wii Fit… though I guess Nintendo’s plan is just to release Wii Motion, Wii Music and other Wii fluff every year. Absolutely fucking shockingly awful games selection if you actually like old fashioned video games though.

    I think it’s clear from the Wii that Nintendo have basically left the traditional home gaming business as we know it (they still have the DS though!), leaving that to Sony and Microsoft. I guess Nintendo will just be doing ‘family entertainment’ from now on. Nothing wrong with that mind. Maybe they’ll give Mario a rest for awhile.

  • I don’t know, I quite like games and I’m finding there’s too many games I want rather than not enough! I’m not sure if that would be the case if I’d bought a PS3 or Xbox360.

  • Fucking hell, Ninty’s conference was awful. A new (identical) Animal Crossing. A game that works far better on DS as you can pick it up more easily and there’s only about 5 minutes gameplay at a time.

    Wii music. Where you move and it just plays it for you.

    And that’s it. Fuck me. They could have auctioned dogs.

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