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Five years after its US release, European Wii owners finally get to play Super Smash Bros. Brawl. A word of warning, though – people have been experiencing the same problem that occurred with the US version. It’s all to do with fact that it’s the first game to come on a dual-layered Wii disk – if there is any dust on the laser inside the Wii then it’ll struggle to read it. The solution? Send your Wii off to Nintendo to be cleaned. Or you could try sticking a cotton bud in there I suppose. Hopefully that won’t break it.

The Guitar Hero milking continues with Guitar Hero Aerosmith on all four major formats, and it would probably be best to buy Battlefield: Bad Company now if you’re interested. Wait too long and everybody playing online will be amazing at it and make you look like a fool. I’ve found that out the hard way by recently picking up Shadowrun on Xbox 360 cheaply.

The Bourne Conspiracy has been getting some good reviews (apart from EDGE, who gave it a 4) while THQ’s Big Beach Sports on Wii can be found for ridiculously cheap on the internet (£12.99 at Play). Cricket is one of the sports included and you can connect a DS and use it to customise your characters. Reviews haven’t been too shabby.

Two of interest on DS this week – Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword (DS – see?) and Final Fantasy Tactics A2. Certain online retailers (like Play again) are offering a neat Dragon Sword stylus with Ninja Gaiden.

Activision supply this week’s movie tie-in – Kung Fu Panda. Apparently it’s not that bad. There’s also Wacky Races on both Wii and DS. Oddly, the Wii version is viewed from a side-on perspective. It’s probably a bit rubbish.

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