It’s back in stock, and as a result Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games has smashed – or blasted, crashed, bitched, flapped etc – back into the chart at #1.

It’s quite a week for Nintendo formats, with Brain Training games at #4 and #5, Super Mario Galaxy in the top 10 for only the third time at #8, and Wii Play at #10. Chart Track inform us that 85 percent of the top ten single format unit sales are Nintendo-exclusive. It’s a laboured statistic, but a reasonably impressive one nonetheless. Especially at such a dull time of year for charts.

As for new entries, it was an all Nintendo format release week, so naturally the Nintendoness continues. Sega’s Wii Zapper title Ghost Squad is highest at #20; next is Capcom’s apparently quite excellent Zack & Wiki at #25. Between them is Link’s Crossbow Training, back at #22, presumably because it’s bundled with the Wii Zapper.

And what of the much anticipated (by a certain sort of person) NiGHTS? An amazing #30 in the Wii chart. Let’s face it, it was never going to do well. The Saturn original was hugely overrated anyway, if you ask me.

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