PES Patch

It’s common knowledge that the next-gen versions of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 are broken. Even on a great connection, the online play is laggy and slow, with action stopping while your opponent dribbles around you and scores. For a game based on timing, the teleporting of players around the pitch is unforgivable. Having played the PS3 version, we can also verify that when there’s a lot of players in the box the game grinds to a halt, and the replays must have single digit frame rates.

However, Konami has released a patch. Let’s listen to some words.

“The free download addresses the online lag and the slowdown that affects the game in both online and offline modes. The PlayStation 3 update also fixes problems associated with downloading the game to the console’s hard drive.”

Has it worked? Well yes and no. The replays are still slideshows, however online play is a little quicker and has less lag. However, it hasn’t worked completely, so you’ll still lose the odd goal because of the broken online play, which is quite frankly rubbish, especially when you’re paying for the online service.

Our advice? Buy the PS2 version. It’s quicker, cheaper, smarter and doesn’t have that stupid dive ability.

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