Must try harder

Battlestations: Midway is a new entry at #1 for Eidos, proving yet again that Xbox 360 owners really, really like war. And – cunts alive! – Little Britain is up to #2. Stop now, please. Really. You should be buying the excellent Okami, which enters at a shameful #17. Look: it’s both good and cheap. What more do you people want? Blood? Oh.

It’s a really shit week for the Wii too. Wario Ware is down 16 to #21, Zelda falls 13 to #26, and Wii Play drops from #7 to #27. Hopefully it’s all down to hardware supply fluctuations. It’s better news on the DS front though, with New Super Mario Bros still in the top ten, Brain Training up seven, and two versions of Nintendogs re-entering the chart.

Still, overall you’ve had a very bad week, The British Public. I want to see a big climb for Okami next week, or you’re bloody for it.

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