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Dec 27
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Metacritic’s worst 10 games of 2010 has worked out pretty evenly between formats – there are a couple of Kinect titles, a few multi-format jobbies and one each on the list for PlayStation Move, WiiWare and PSN. As you may have predicted, a few of these are movie tie-ins. Some things never change.

Did you play any of the stinkers below? Or were you even stupid enough buy any? If the answer is yes to either (or both) then you have our pity. If you purchased any more than two on the list though, then you don’t get our pity at all – you’re a bloody idiot that should read sites like Metracritic and GameRankings more.

For the purposes of review Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (EA, 38%) is one that I played all the way through to the end. I always thought that the Harry Potter games were getting better over the years, but this one is the worst of the bunch. Yes – even worse than Quiddich World Cup. Around half of the missions take place in small arenas where Harry simply has to defend himself for 10 minutes or so. If that’s not a sign that the developers couldn’t be bothered with it, then I don’t know what is.

EA are also responsible for #9 on Metacritic’s list – the download only Dead Space Ignition (EA, 38%). Just by looking at the laughably poor artwork you can tell that this was a rushed out to drum up some extra press coverage for Dead Space 2. “When your game makes you want to skip the egregiously tedious gameplay so you can see what happens in the utterly forgettable story, you know you’re doing something wrong”, said Cheat Code Central.

Pure Football (Ubisoft, 38%), or Pure Futbol as it’s known in some parts of the world, slides in at #7. Ubisoft must be pretty ashamed of this one as even though it was only released in May, the official website has already been taken down. See?

With a lead character that looks like he could be part of the Gears of War trilogy, I’m sure that Quantum Theory (Tecmo, 37%) was purchased by a few misguided souls. A quote from Destructoid’s review sums it up nicely: Quantum Theory is what would happen if Gears of War and Super Mario Bros. had a baby. A mewling, deformed, horrific baby that doctors would try to drown.”

We now have our first game on the list that requires you to wave your limbs around to play – Sony’s Kung Fu Rider (37%, SCEA). Despite a quirky premises, many reviewers suggested it would have worked better with a joypad rather than the PlayStation Move. Oh, Sony!

The 5th game on the list is a curious one – Power Gig: Rise of the SixString (34%, Seven45 Studios) was only released in the US and it came with a real guitar. That’s ‘real’ as in it had strings, unlike the Rock Band and Guitar Hero guitars. Because it was so cheaply made though the sound it made when being played was rather painful on the ears.

You can tell PlayStation-exclusive Kick Ass (33%, WHA Entertainment) was a rush-job as they recently released a patch that included all the stuff they wanted the game to feature when it was first released. Most reviewers found it to be frustrating and repetitive, with a high price point that didn’t help matters either. Kick Ass? More like Stinks of Ass.

The 3th worst game of the year is the Kinect-only Fighters Uncaged (32%, Ubisoft), but believe it or not there’s another Kinect game out there that scored worse than this shoddy brawler and that’s Deca Sports Freedom (27%, Hudson Entertainment). The only good thing that Games Radar could say about it is that “You might be able to trade it in”.

And so we’re left with the worst game of the year. What could be worse than the assortment of titles above? The answer is Bloons for WiiWare. “Bloons is an exciting puzzle game based on the simple fact that popping balloons is fun,” says the developer. That may be so, but only if the controls worked. Which they didn’t. There are a couple of other WiiWare titles low down on Metacritic’s list too – namely, Kung Fu Funk: Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting! and 5 Arcade Gems – suggesting that it’s certainly a good thing that Nintendo has now allows demos of WiiWare games.

Sep 20
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UK Charts

It’s really no surprise to find that Halo: Reach is top of the all formats chart. It has become Microsoft biggest ever launch week and the 5th biggest ever in the UK, selling 200,000 more copies than Halo 3: ODST did upon release.

The PlayStation Move hasn’t done too badly either – Sports Champions debuts at #2, Start the Party at #29 and Racket Sports at #32. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 has also risen up from #17 to #9, thanks to having Move compatibility.

Three games have had a tumble from the top 10 this week though – Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions drops from #6 to #13, Tetris Party Deluxe from #5 to #20 and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep from #7 to #31.

As feared last week, Metroid: Other M has now left the chart completely.

Sep 16
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This Week’s Games

Will the PlayStation Move get the world moving? Like some industry experts have said, I think it’ll take a while for word of mouth to spread before sales really become strong. The launch line-up may chart highly next week though, thanks to early adopters who want to try the technology first. That line-up in full: Eyepet: Move Edition, Kung Fu Rider, Start the Party, Sports Champions and Racket Sports. There’s also the budget-priced Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, but that was released last week.

With Xbox 360 owners currently enjoying Halo: Reach, only one publisher is brave enough to release another Xbox 360 game this week. That publisher is EA, with NHL 11.

There’s a fair few DS games out, but only two are worth mentioning – My World My Way is an RPG original released by Atlus, which Famitsu gave 31/40. Then there’s Last Window: The Secret of Cape West – a sequel to the lovely Hotel Dusk. Eurogamer gave it a 7/10. The PSP gets just one new release – Phantasy Star Portable 2 from Sega.

On Wii there’s reportedly rubbish RPG Eldar Saga (aka Vahalla Knights: Eldar Saga) and the probably alright Ferrari: The Race Experience from System 3.

Next week: Dead Rising 2, Formula 1 2010, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, Club Penguin: Game Day, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Ace Combat: Joint Assault, Quantum Theory, Trackmania, World Game Tour, Putty Squad and Real Heroes: Firefighter.

Jun 16
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Sony is backing 3D gaming big time. In fact, the message made at their E3 conference was that they want PlayStation 3 to do for 3D what it did for Blu-ray. The first game shown was Killzone 3, in 3D, obviously, which showed dual-weapon wielding, jetpacks and dog fights. Sony promise twenty 3D games – including Crysis 2, Mortal Kombat, Shaun White Skateboarding, Ghost Recon, Tron and NBA 2K11 – by the end of March 2011.

Then came the announcement of The Sly Collection – a package featuring the three jolly decent Sly Cooper/Sly Raccoon PlayStation 2 platformers. Sly also appears in newly announced platformer Heroes on the Move, along with Ratchet, Jak and their sidekicks. Yep – all six characters staring in one game. “This is going to be one of the biggest brand partnerships we’ve ever had,” says Sony’s Jack Tretton. The dully titled Sorcery, an adventure game with orcs, elves and spells for PlayStation Move was then demonstrated.

Not only does the PlayStation Move now have a release date, but also a price. Those dates: 15th Sept in Europe, North America on 19th Sept and Japan on 21st October. The Move Controller will cost $49.99 as standalone while the Navigation Controller will cost $29.99. Two packages will also be available – $99.99 gets you a PlayStation Move, a copy of Sports Champions and a camera or if you don’t own a PlayStation 3 yet then for $399.99 you can take home a PlayStation 3, PlayStation Move, Camera and a copy of Sports Champion. Sony Europe may have different bundles up their sleeves though. Sixteen PlayStation Move games will be available at launch including Resident Evil: Gold Edition, Time Crisis: Razing Storm and SOCOM 4.

EA came on stage to show their backing for PlayStation Move by showing a demo of Tiger Woods 11 while also announcing that the limited edition version of Medal of Honor will come with a high-def remake version of Medal of Honor: Frontline. The limited edition version of Dead Space 2 will have former Wii-exclusive Extraction bundled with it too. Also: Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood will have an exclusive PlayStation 3 beta.

If you’re a heavy PSN user then you might be interested in becoming a PlayStation Plus subscriber – for $49.99 a year (or $17.99 for three months) you get a better service, with free PSP Mini and PSone downloads and more. Worry not – the standard PSN service will continue to be free. There are more details on the official website.

Sony rounded off the show by showing a handful of sequels – Infamous 2, Motorstorm Apocalypse and Twisted Metal. Twisted Metal features 16 players online and a new ‘Nuke’ multi-player mode in which you must destroy your rivals’ statues before they destroy yours. Weapons play a big part – it’s possible to use a chainsaw while steering a motorbike. Psycho clown Sweet Tooth is just one of the returning characters. You can view the trailer here.

A decent display of titles, all in all. The PlayStation Move line-up sounds a whole lot more exciting than the likes of Microsoft’s Your Shape: Fitness Evolved and Kinect Adventures while the announcement of a new Twisted Metal makes me want to dig out the PlayStation original, which can only be a good sign.

Jun 09
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E3 kicks off next week. Because we have a fear of air hostesses (and in-flight meals) we won’t be attending. We will though be covering the conferences from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo and writing a round-up of all the other good stuff announced.

Microsoft start off the conferences on Sunday 13th June, followed by a media briefing on the 14th. Nintendo and Sony are both holding theirs on 15th June.

But what can we expect? Microsoft will be showing Natal, now rumoured to be called Wave, and its first batch of software. Rumour also has it that the free to play Joy Ride – announced at the last E3 – is now a Natal/Wave title. You can also expect Gears of War 3, Halo: Reach, Fable 3 and Crackdown 2. I think this might possibly be the third E3 running for Crackdown 2 now.

Sony will no doubt be shoving their motion controller in people’s hands and showing off their new 3D PlayStation 3 titles. Please, Sony, don’t use Brunswick Pro Bowling to demonstrate the PlayStation Move again.

Sony have also been telling the press that they’ve “learned at lot” from the PSPgo, speculating that the next PSP could go back to having a UMD drive. PSPgo 2? PSP 2? PSP 4000? Who knows that it’ll be called. Well, Sony probably does. Speaking of PSP, we should see more of God of War: Ghost of Sparta and that Resident Evil game that was announced yonks ago. Maybe we’ll get to see The Last Guardian on PlayStation 3 too.

Which leaves us with Nintendo, who usually have a surprise up their sleeve. Wii Party has already been announced as their next big first party game, while Zelda and Pikmin 3 have too been confirmed to be in development. Metroid: Other M must be near to being finishing by now so expect that to be playable. Potentially, the Nintendo 3DS could very well steal the show. It was recently reported that the 3D-ness can be turned off, while IGN have heard whispers from developers that the graphics are on-par with Xbox 360. Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello has laid eyes on it already: “I will tell you, I’ve seen it; it’s cool,” he said.

A few publishers have been poking our e-mail inbox with lists of what they’ll be showing. 2K Games are airing Mafia 2, Sid Meier’s Civilization V, Spec Ops: The Line (due out next year?) and XCOM plus Nickelodeon Fit and New Carnival Games on Wii. Bethesda meanwhile have a very promising line-up consisting of Brink, Fallout: New Vegas, Hunted and RAGE. Hopefully this means they’ve given up publishing tat like Rogue Warrior and Wheel Spin.

We’ll also be posting news E3 news as on our Twitter feed. But only when our boss is away from his desk.

May 14
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Back in the day, it would have been E3 time about now. Having taken in a bit of July in recent history, it’s in June this year. Getting to the point: it looks like there could be quite a lot of new hardware.

PlayStation Move and Natal will both be looking for a bit of the market for games without controllers, which Nintendo is currently kindly looking after for everyone with the Wii. Some reckon that could spell problems for Nintendo. I reckon that depends on whether people are happy with their Wii.

More interesting for me are Nintendo’s 3DS and the much talked about PSP 2.

Taking the PSP 2 first, we don’t know whether it’s even coming. But if it is, what’s it going to be? A more powerful, twin-sticked upgrade won’t cut it; it’s all about touch screen in the handheld ‘space’ these days, isn’t it? After the hilarious futility of the PSPgo, who knows what Sony might try. If anything.

The 3DS is interesting too. Apparently that’s not even going to be the final name, and the 3D bit can be turned off. So have Nintendo been up to their usual trick of keeping the key feature secret, as they did with the DS’s touch screen, and the Wii’s motion controller?

I’m expecting the screens to be mounted in a massive oversized foam hand.

Mar 11
By Adam Philbin In Blog 1 Comment

Engadget have a mildly interesting piece on their hands-on with the PlayStation Move, Sony’s first foray into the world of dildonics. Or their version of a wiimote – which looks and acts almost exactly like a wiimote + nunchuk, albeit with a stupid ping pong ball on the top.

Rather than fancy magic, the PlayStation Move tracks the controller position using the PlayStation Eye camera – that ping pong ball serves a purpose then. The first PlayStation Move pack will sell for $100 including a game, which sounds sort of acceptable. From their hands on, Engadget found the controller surprisingly light (not in a negative way), although they noted the demos on hand felt a bit laggy, but such is the nature of demos.

It does look a bit silly though.

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