I want to play on an oversized foam hand

Back in the day, it would have been E3 time about now. Having taken in a bit of July in recent history, it’s in June this year. Getting to the point: it looks like there could be quite a lot of new hardware.

PlayStation Move and Natal will both be looking for a bit of the market for games without controllers, which Nintendo is currently kindly looking after for everyone with the Wii. Some reckon that could spell problems for Nintendo. I reckon that depends on whether people are happy with their Wii.

More interesting for me are Nintendo’s 3DS and the much talked about PSP 2.

Taking the PSP 2 first, we don’t know whether it’s even coming. But if it is, what’s it going to be? A more powerful, twin-sticked upgrade won’t cut it; it’s all about touch screen in the handheld ‘space’ these days, isn’t it? After the hilarious futility of the PSPgo, who knows what Sony might try. If anything.

The 3DS is interesting too. Apparently that’s not even going to be the final name, and the 3D bit can be turned off. So have Nintendo been up to their usual trick of keeping the key feature secret, as they did with the DS’s touch screen, and the Wii’s motion controller?

I’m expecting the screens to be mounted in a massive oversized foam hand.

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