NES platformer The Meating smashes goals, GBA version now on offer

You may recall that just before Halloween, indie developer Mega Cat Studios launched a Kickstarter for the new and bloody NES platformer The Meating.

With just days to go, the £15,000 goal has been smashed – with £23,431 currently pledged – leading to the studio adding more goodies.

Two of these stand out as being pretty neat. A boxed Game Boy Advance version can be had for $50, along with digital goods, while the $120 tier includes a blue limited edition NES cart that glows in the dark. Meat aficionados can grab both in the new $185 tier.

It’s still possible to get yourself a standard NES cart for $45, or a Switch code for $20.

While it’s true that we don’t cover Kickstarters often, Mega Cat Studios has been remarkably transparent with this one, setting realistic targets, breaking down the budget, and providing a demo ROM that can even be played on real hardware using a flash cart.