Become a keyboard warrior in new typing game Outshine

Watch out, Mavis Beacon – a new typing game is almost upon us. If the very idea of a ‘typing game’ has you gawking, then chances are you’ve never played SEGA’s Typing of the Dead before.

Speaking of SEGA, Outshine bares a resemblance to Rez, starring a glowing humanoid dashing through virtual highways. They’re out to end experiments being carried out by an entity known as Shards, and it’s your job to scour the environments for new words to type in order to avoid traps and incoming fire.

Modifiers such as mirror words, auto-pilot, and infinite abilities will feature, while replay runs have new rules. 18 stages across three worlds are promised.

Qwerty, Azerty, Qwertz, Dvorak, Colemak, BÉPO, and more keyboard layouts are supported. Additionally, Outshine can also be played without any mouse input.

Developed by Fishing Cactus and published by Plug In Digital, look out for Outshine on Steam on 3rd November.