Christmas, innit

Just to reiterate what we mentioned last week, this week sees no new releases. Nadda.

Well, it’s to be expected with Christmas just a few days away. Some online stores have already started their Christmas/New Year sales, such as and all the other usual suspects.

If you’re looking forward to January’s new releases, the main thing to look forward to is Burnout Paradise for the PS3 and 360. The demo is already available to download, so you should download that if you haven’t already – it looks like it’s going to be pretty great. That’s due for January 25th. There’s not much else on the horizon – most of the silly publishers have blown their load for Christmas, knocking each other over in the process. PlayStation 3 owners will get the delayed Haze to look forward to in January (or December 31st according to Amazon), which could be awesome – it’s from Free Radical, responsible for Time Splitters and a significant part of the ex-Rare team responsible for Goldeneye. It probably won’t have any of the fanfare of Halo, but may well shit all over it in terms of goodness. Assuming the release date doesn’t slip again.

So that’s your lot.

Adam Philbin

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