UFC Undisputed 2010

Do you know what a review embargo is? It’s a date set by a publisher that we are only allowed on, or after, to publish a review. Some publishers are sneaky – if they’re putting out a duff game they sometimes won’t allow websites to put a review up until the game has been released to minimise bad coverage. Our embargo for UFC Undisputed 2010? Four full days before release, suggesting that THQ are as pleased as punch (no pun intended) for this full swinging sequel. (Pun intended that time).

Like its predecessor it’s a very technical brawler with a deep and complex control system. It’s a good idea to play through the fifteen minute long tutorial as every single button is used on the joypad at some point. The amount of manoeuvres is impressive – as well as blocking punches you can also sway out of harms way, counter attack or attempt to grab whatever limb is heading into your direction. Anybody will be able to pick up the pad and punch and kick like a rabid mad man – you might even win a few of the beginner matches this way – but to perform submissions, clinches and get back on your feet you need a little know-how.

The CPU opposition certainly knows how exploit your weaknesses. Some foes will take everything you throw at them on the chin (literally) and then lash out with a vicious combo once your stamina is drained; others will constantly try to force you to the ground. At the start of one fight my rival took a run up and belted me in the face, knocking me out instantly. And that was that – the match was over in less than five seconds, which I certainly didn’t see coming.

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