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Tomb Raider – Review

Lara starts her adventure alone, battered and bruised, doing what she must to survive. Her first kill is not a mercenary or even a mythical creature, but an innocent deer killed for sustenance. There’s a strong emphasis on survival instincts throughout, with...
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Lara scales the UK chart

With reports that a million copies were sold within 48 hours, it’s no surprise that Tomb Raider is this week’s new number one. It’s the best selling game of the year so far, selling double what previous top seller Aliens: Colonial Marines...
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Pre-E3 news blanket

E3 doesn’t kick off until tomorrow, but that hasn’t stopped publishers showing off several shiny new games prematurely. It’s hard to imagine that the PR people were worried about them being ignored at the show – some quite big name titles have...
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