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New for old

New games for old systems aren’t as uncommon as you may think. There have been a few RPGs localised and released on cartridge for the Mega Drive recently and the Dreamcast still receives a new shoot’em up every few months. Even the...
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Yars’ Revenge

Atari have revamped their retro classics in the past but usually only to the extent of a fresh lick of paint and some fancy new special effects. Yars’ Revenge – which as the loading screen reminds us, was Atari’s best selling original...
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Theme Park

Released: 1995 Formats: Mega Drive (played), Mega-CD, SNES, PC, Amiga, 3DO When Bullfrog started developing Theme Park for the Amiga and PC I doubt that even in their wildest collective dreams would the game end up on the humble Mega Drive. But...
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