Stray review

I’m done with humans. And humanoid aliens, and anthropomorphised animals – all an utter waste of gaming’s unbounded potential. If nothing else, Stray demonstrates what an unusual protagonist can do for a game. This should be familiar territory: a post-apocalyptic city inhabited by robots, you have to find out what went wrong and help out, …

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Kid A Mnesia Exhibition: Everything in its Right PlayStation

Whether or not you like their music, there’s always something to be said about Radiohead. And so it is with Kid A Mnesia Exhibition, a self-declared “something” that’s available now on PlayStation 5, PC and Mac.получить займ без проверки кредитной истории переводом Now as it goes, I do like their music. In fact, I love …

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Can the next generation please make dying fun

Streets of Rage 4‘s easy mode is described in the game as, “For those who love every part of beat ’em ups, except getting beat up.” I initially took against that, but actually, I do fit that description. Especially because I don’t think dying in Streets of Rage 4 is much fun. On death, the …

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PlayStation 5 reveal chat

Better late than never. Consider this our lo-fi YouTube pilot episode. Discussing the gaming highlights from Sony’s recent PlayStation 5 reveal show, in a kind of mumbling director’s commentary. Please excuse the general awfulness and audio quality.

Do you do discs?

The big PlayStation 5 reveal revealed at least one revealing fact about the hardware: there will be more than one hardware, and one version won’t do discs. It’s not the first time there’s been a digital-only version of a console of course – indeed Sony’s own PSP Go was, ridiculously, more than a decade ago. …

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