Ghostbusters: The Videogame


Essentially an unofficial third movie of sorts – which cleverly uses characters and locations from the two films – you’re cast not into the slime covered boots of Ray, Peter, Egon or Winston but rather a nameless rookie. Egon doesn’t let the poor chap say his name with his reason being that as soon as you name something you’ll get attached to it. Becoming a Ghostbuster may not be safe career to take, but if this game is to anything to go by then it’s certainly a fun one.

The tutorial is nicely done, giving you a chance to learn the controls and explore the Ghostbuster HQ at your own leisure. Hint: slide down the fireman pole and you’ll earn yourself a few easy gamerpoints. You’re soon then whisked off to sort out a monstrous problem with the fellow Ghostbusters acting as AI controlled team-mates. They’re actually quite helpful, not only able to give you a hand off the floor but capable of busting ghosts on their own accord.

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