Ghostbusters: The Videogame


Essentially an unofficial third movie of sorts – which cleverly uses characters and locations from the two films – you’re cast not into the slime covered boots of Ray, Peter, Egon or Winston but rather a nameless rookie. Egon doesn’t let the poor chap say his name with his reason being that as soon as you name something you’ll get attached to it. Becoming a Ghostbuster may not be safe career to take, but if this game is to anything to go by then it’s certainly a fun one.

The tutorial is nicely done, giving you a chance to learn the controls and explore the Ghostbuster HQ at your own leisure. Hint: slide down the fireman pole and you’ll earn yourself a few easy gamerpoints. You’re soon then whisked off to sort out a monstrous problem with the fellow Ghostbusters acting as AI controlled team-mates. They’re actually quite helpful, not only able to give you a hand off the floor but capable of busting ghosts on their own accord.

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There is only Zuul

If you’re busting for Ghostbusters on Xbox 360 and were disheartened that it won’t be appearing on any non-Sony consoles in Europe until the autumn, then worry not. Various US websites have reported that it’s region free. Obviously, the same goes for the DS version. The cheapest place online that i’ve found (who ship to …

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