Six consoles that launched with fewer games than the Switch

The Nintendo Switch’s launch line-up has come under scrutiny. Not only does it show a lack of faith from publishers, but it’s also far from ideal for consumers – a tiny assortment of games on store shelves sends out a negative image to those thinking of buying a Switch on a whim. While the line-up …

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Atari Jaguar controller

Five controllers we left behind

The humble video game controller has gone through a lot of changes over the years. Compare the NES pad to the Wii remote, and you could argue that it’s come full circle. But there have been plenty of evolutionary dead ends along the way. Here are five we left behind. Original Xbox controller The original …

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The drake that laid the golden Drake

Proving that us videogamers really are just big kids, a lot of videogame related toys have sold for stunning amounts on eBay this month. The most noteworthy of these is a golden vinyl Uncharted 3 toy said to be one of only 11 in the world. “For ages 15 and up” pointed out the seller …

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