Dead Island – the UK’s #1 holiday destination

With so many new releases out last week, there was no way that this week’s UK chart was going to be a dull one. And it isn’t. Even with mixed reviews – everything from a 3/10 in EDGE to 8.0 from IGN – Dead Island manages to take the top spot. Below that at #2 …

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Die another Deus

Reviews for Deus Ex: Human Revolution went live on Monday and just about everybody, from EDGE to Eurogamer, has dished out a 9. EDGE had a little grumble about the loading times (over a minute on the 360 version) but that’s about it. If it doesn’t boot Zumba Fitness off the top of the chart …

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The chart gets saved by Xenoblade

Even with stock shortages due to unforeseen demand, Xenoblade Chronicles has managed to jump into the chart at a respectable #7. If Nintendo had produced enough copies to go around it would have no doubt charted even higher than that. Xenoblade isn’t the only boon for Nintendo this week – Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D …

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Catch the buzz, win a Flame Red 3DS

To celebrate the release of the Flame Red 3DS in Japan – or Fire Truck Red 3DS, as we would have called it – our friends over at 3DS Buzz are giving you the chance to be one of the first people to own one. By winning a competition, not by dipping your current 3DS …

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“Autobots, roll out”

The good news is that the highest new entry in this week’s chart isn’t the new Transformers tie-in but rather F.E.A.R 3 which makes a chart debut at #3. Optimus and the others have to make do with #17. No doubt it’ll be in the top 10 next week once the movie is released. Speaking …

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Time for the Transformers to truck off?

Wowsers – there’s a lot to get through this week. EA’s Shadows of the Damned and Warner Bros. F.E.A.R 3 are the two big hitters. General opinion on Shadows of the Damned is that it’s good but slightly lacking polish, with scores including a 7 from Eurogamer and an 8 from 360 Gamer magazine. F.E.A.R …

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Make a date with Nintendo

There’s always a sense of excitement when one of the big three console manufacturers release a list of what’s due out on their consoles from now until the next six months or so. Part of this excitement comes from the fact that often there are games mentioned that haven’t been officially announced, or haven’t been previously reported as being released outside of Japan or whatnot.

This time round it’s Nintendo, with a list of what’s being released in US this year.

For Wii and DS owners it isn’t very good news. Nintendo’s own titles aside, the majority of games for both platforms are either licensed or child friendly. In fact, every DS and Wii game from Activision, Disney, Sega, Konami, D3, THQ, Ubisoft, Take-2 and Warner Bros has a license attached.

Incidentally, WB lists LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 for release on DS and 3DS but not on Wii. A mistake, surely?

EA’s Wii line-up makes for even more depressing reading – four titles based on board games and this year’s Madden and Need for Speed updates. Looks like they aren’t even going to bother releasing FIFA 12 in the US.

There are of course a few exceptions: Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 on DS should be worth an import. Two new WiiWare games are on the list too: La-Mulana and MotoHeroz. On DSiWare meanwhile there’s the excellent sounding Pro Jumper! Chimaki’s Hot Spring Tour Guilty Gear Tangent.

More exciting is the list of titles for the 3DS’s eShop – five GameGear games from Sega, Let’s Golf 3D from Gameloft, something called Picture Lives! and confirmation that The Rolling Western – shown at E3 – is an eShop title. That’ll explain why it looks so barren in the screenshots.

After a few months of silence, Nintendo are unleashing three big titles on 3DS – Kid Icarus: Unrising, Mario Kart and Super Mario are all due in time for Christmas while Starfox 64 3D is out in September. Paper Mario and Animal Crossing still have ‘TBA’ next to them. It’s not long until Kirby Mass Attack on DS though – that’s due in September as well.

Anything else? Ubisoft are stinking up the 3DS with no less than four virtual pet games – Petz Fantasy 3D, Cute Puppies, Horses 3D and Imagine Babyz. Shudder. It would also seem that Sega are holding back Thor on 3DS to tie-in with the DVD/Blu-ray release – it’s not due out until “Fall”. The DS version gained some favorable reviews; this could turn out alright too with the extra development time behind it.

To only see one DS game from Ubisoft is a bit of a suprise and it looks like THQ aren’t releasing any more uDraw games now that the uDraw for Xbox 360 and PS3 has been announced. Odd.

The US Nintendo release list in full:

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E3: Nintendo knows how to please U

Whoever said you can’t keep a secret these days was wrong. The new Nintendo console is not called Café, Beem, Stream or even Wii 2 or Wii HD but rather Wii U. Simply because it’s a console with something for everybody. You, specifically. There’s enough tech behind it to power visually demanding games and it’s …

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Spend some stuff on the 3DS eStore

Ideally it would have been ready for launch but it’s certainly a case of better late than never for the 3DS eShop, available from today via a system update. To make up for its tardiness, Nintendo are giving away Pokedex 3D and 3D Classics Excitebike for free. I was assuming that Excitebike would be a …

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Ubisoft’s renegade 3DS bundle

Nintendo are very close to Ubisoft these days. So much so that they apparently received their Wii 2/Project Café development kits before anybody else. Not only this, but plans are afoot to bundle the 3DS with two different Ubisoft titles – Splinter Cell 3D and Driver: Renegade. Although the bundles have only been announced today …

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Trailblazer set to blaze 3DS?

It’s not often we cover gaming news on these pages but here’s a tasty morsel we couldn’t pass up on. According to an interview with Team 3’s Shaun Southern in the new issue of Retro Gamer – which has a nice shiny Zelda cover this month – a 3DS version of the cult retro classic …

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Games I keep meaning to play

As is evidenced by the declining number of reviews I’ve written for this site over the past decade, I haven’t really been playing or writing about as many games as I’d like. Once or twice a year I go manic and indulge, usually every October (traditionally the month of big game releases and nostalgic birthday …

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Sega gears up for 3DS’s Virtual Console

Sega recently announced the first batch of GameGear games that’ll be appearing on the 3DS’s Virtual Console. If you missed the announcement, the line-up comprises Sonic & Tails 2, Sonic Drift 2, The GG Shinobi, Dragon Crystal: Shirai’s Maze and Columns. Why they chose to use the Japanese names of each is beyond me – …

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Aye carumba – it’s Zumba

The eye-ball pleasing Crysis 2 has managed to stay at the top of the chart for another week. The game at #2 may surprise you – it isn’t MotorStorm Apocalyspe (which makes its appearance at a lowly #17) or Shift 2: Unleashed (in at #4) but rather Zumba Fitness. Not wanting to blow my own …

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StreetPass is class

So, you’re out and about walking around town with your Nintendo 3DS tucked in your pocket in sleep mode. You get home and, hey presto, a flashing light is emitting from the 3DS. No, not the small amber flashing light – that’s to indicate wireless. The light we’re talking about is a very special one. …

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