the walking dead

Ride to Hell: Retribution – Review

We hope that in years to come somebody gets the scoop on how Ride to Hell came to be. No developer intentionally sets out to make a bad game, after all. It was first announced in 2008 as an open-world affair, with the first trailer reporting a 2009...


Being as far removed from a typical adventure game set-up as imaginable, STONE throws you into the role of an Australian koala with a fondness for weed, alcohol and casual swearing. The docile detective wakes up in his pigsty of a flat and realises Cockie, the love of...

Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse – Review

WayForward has developed many mediocre games over the years, yet they remain one of our favourite studios. It’s their quick turnaround TV/movie tie-ins that prevent the company from having a glowing track record, and this is something entirely forgivable – all work on licensed tat helps to fund...


Konami are brave souls for picking up the publishing duties for this one. See, Silent Hill is considered to be the pinnacle of survival horror, so any dark and dank third-person adventure game in which the main character uses a flashlight usually gets compared to it. Why release...