Rocking all the way to the bank

This Week’s Games The credit crunch seems to have rubbed off on the gaming world. Supreme Commander is out on Xbox 360 this week for a hefty £29.99. The PC version, which came out over a year and a half ago, can easily be found for around a fiver. Then there’s a belated appearance for …

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A pocket full of critters

This Week’s Games I made a mistake in last week’s new game round up by claiming that Fable II is Microsoft’s next big first party Xbox 360 game. It isn’t, but don’t blame me – Viva Pinata 2: Trouble in Paradise has appeared out of almost nowhere. It’s meant to be good though, as is …

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Too Human – too little, too late?

This Week’s Games After a few dull weeks, some games of note have finally surfaced. Too Human is the first of Microsoft’s big push of first party titles, with the next being Fable II. Reviews haven’t been amazing, despite a solid four years in development (plus another four before that), and general opinion appears to …

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Return of the tat

This Week’s Games There are five games out this week, but you’d probably have more fun tying some milk bottle tops to a piece of string and jingling it up and down. Funnily enough, all five are for DS – AMF Bowling, Carnival: Funfair Games, Ducati Moto, Mary King’s Riding School and Road to Vegas. …

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A master’s degree in PSP

This Week’s Games Game You can’t have any new games this week because you’ll spoil your dinner. Oh go on then, you can have one: Buzz Master Quiz on PSP. But don’t tell your father.

Arkanoid, Breakout, Gerald Ford

This Week’s Games It’s a good week for handhelds, if you’re looking through my eyes. Needless to say, I am looking through my eyes. What’s good about it? Well, echochrome for PSP for one thing. It’s a black and white puzzler all about perspective – if two parts of the maze aren’t joined, then rotate …

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Headlines of the week

This week’s achievements in the field of selling an article in a few words. » PS3 problems resolved – Sony A bold claim indeed. But Eurogamer’s headline doesn’t tell quite the whole story: it’s the manufacturing problems which have been resolved. So not the chronic lack of interesting games, the ludicrous price, the stupid Spider-Man …

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