A master’s degree in PSP

This Week’s Games Game You can’t have any new games this week because you’ll spoil your dinner. Oh go on then, you can have one: Buzz Master Quiz on PSP. But don’t tell your father.

Arkanoid, Breakout, Gerald Ford

This Week’s Games It’s a good week for handhelds, if you’re looking through my eyes. Needless to say, I am looking through my eyes. What’s good about it? Well, echochrome for PSP for one thing. It’s a black and white puzzler all about perspective – if two parts of the maze aren’t joined, then rotate …

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Headlines of the week

This week’s achievements in the field of selling an article in a few words. » PS3 problems resolved – Sony A bold claim indeed. But Eurogamer’s headline doesn’t tell quite the whole story: it’s the manufacturing problems which have been resolved. So not the chronic lack of interesting games, the ludicrous price, the stupid Spider-Man …

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