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OVIVO (Switch)

This platformer is of the monochromic variety, set within a stark, black and white world. You control a small black dot, able to change colour and move only at a snail’s pace. Getting around quicker involves changing colour to alter the direction...
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We. The Revolution

Justice is a difficult thing. A young stable boy of limited cognition ties a saddle loosely. He doesn’t want to hurt the horse. His master yells at him for a job badly done, the boy pushes the master down the stairs. The...
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Witch Thief (Switch)

Witch Thief is the latest attempt to take such classics as Smash TV and Robotron and update them with a 3D coat of paint, all the while colliding them with twitchy Japanese shoot ‘em ups. Question is, is it a Sabrina-style reimagining,...
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