Michael Halton

Toby: The Secret Mine – Review

We should probably tackle the elephant in the room before we start. There’s no denying whatsoever that Toby: The Secret Mine – out now on Xbox One and Wii U – both looks and plays a lot like Playdead’s Limbo. If I’m honest, I feel that there’s nothing...

Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star – Review

Although a fan of anime, I have never watched either Fate Stay: Night or Fate Stay: Zero. Personally, I prefer shows like Hunter X Hunter and Full Metal Alchemist, but in preparation of this review I researched the anime series on which this game is based, and also...

Tennis in the Face – Review

Tennis in the Face is about a rebellious player, and there’s only one of those around at the moment – Nick Kyrgios. Like that player, this game doesn’t take itself too seriously. Take the main character’s name for instance – Pete Pagassi, which is clearly a pun on...