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This isometric auto-runner boasts a decent amount of content, easily able to justify its £8-£9 price tag – roughly double the price of Sometimes You’s previous titles. Once the tutorial world is out of the way you’re greeted by 125 stages spread...
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God’s Trigger

Twin-stick shooters are usually associated with simple control schemes, with most mapping essential commands solely to a joypad’s trigger buttons. Due to starring a duo of comic book-style characters with supernatural abilities, God’s Trigger utilizes every single button on the controller –...
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World War Z

Roughly a year ago developer Holospark released Earthfall, an extra-terrestrial take on Valve’s seminal Left 4 Dead. Despite a decent amount of post-launch content, the co-op shooter never managed to find its niche. If only Holospark had taken Saber’s approach and associated...
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