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Summer in Mara (Xbox One)

Cross-pollinate a farming simulator with a fetch quest game, expose it to sunshine, and you get Summer in Mara. You play as Koa, a young girl adopted by Yaya – a grandmotherly figure who found Koa lost at sea. After hopping into...
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Logic and stealth. Two genres I generally avoid because I am neither a logical nor stealthy being. However, I am easily wooed by stunning 4K pixel art and the promise of fiery fun, prompting me to step outside my comfort zone for...
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Tropico 6 – Review

The Tropico series is well established, with players mostly enjoying their forays into running a ‘banana republic’ paradise as El Presidente. Pick the way you want to rule – a despotic capitalist, a benevolent commy or just someone in between, but the...
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