Secret Mode shares Parcel Corps and Deathsprint 66 updates

The promising bike parkour delivery sim Parcel Corps has both a new trailer, showing off fresh environments and even fresher faces, along with a confirmed Sept 3rd release date for PS5, Xbox Series and PC.

Parcel Corps is intended to offer a satirical take on the poor working conditions delivery drivers endure, featuring three rival courier companies and their greedy corporate overlords. Nine different bicycle couriers will be playable, while the action takes place on the sun-drenched streets of New Island.

Deathsprint 66, meanwhile, is currently due only on PC. Sumo Newcastle are at the helm of this blood-soaked on-foot racer, which pits clones against one another in the name of entertainment. The trap-filled courses are surrounded by neon-hued cities – all of which have been abandoned.

8 player PvP races are the order of the day. You’re able to run, jump, drift and slide, with swift traversal playing a key part. Deploying weapons such as mines and EMP blasts will not only help secure a victory but also please the crowds. New cosmetics can also be unlocked by increasing fame to improve standings with sponsors.

The first gameplay trailer can be found below.