WOLFHOUND is a WWII set Metroidvania with mutants galore

Bit Kid, creators of the 16-bit style Chasm, are rolling back to the 8-bit generation with their World War II set Metroidvania WOLFHOUND.

“We’re aiming to be as authentic as possible, stylistically: an 8-bit color palette, 320×180 pixel resolution, and a soundtrack composed in Famitracker which has enabled homebrewers to create authentic NES music for many years,” said Bit Kid founder James Petruzzi.

WOLFHOUND sees Capt. Chuck Rossetti. a wise-cracking one-man army, deployed on an island near the Bermuda Triangle to discover secrets and save a missing squad. It isn’t long until Rossetti (codename WOLFHOUND) discovers that a mad scientist has been using the island to create an army of mutants and zombies which, of course, must be eliminated.

Along the way, new equipment, including a railgun, jetpack, and gravity boots, can be discovered.

WOLFHOUND is gunning for PS5, Switch and PC. There’s no ETA currently.