The Thing: Remastered is in development at Nightdive

Nightdive has announced another project they’re currently working on. The Thing: Remastered takes the cult PS2/Xbox original – based on the 1982 movie – and gives it a good spit ‘n polish.

The retro specialists are reworking the 2002 original through their KEX Engine, adding new lighting and other atmospheric effects along with improved textures and animations. The PC, Xbox Series and PS5 versions will run “up to” 4K/120fps.

 The Thing: Remastered

The Thing takes us back to U.S. Outpost #31 to battle untold horrors, commanding a squad of four NPCs varying from soldiers to medics. You’ll have to gain the trust of your squad and manage fear levels, all while looking out for imitations.

“Many of us at Nightdive Studios are ardent fans of the horror genre, so it’s been an incredible honor to work within the world of the iconic The Thing,” said Nightdive Studios’ Larry Kuperman.

The Thing: Remastered is coming to all formats, including Switch and last-gen systems. Get ready to find the warmest place to hide later this year.