The brutal Volgarr the Viking is getting a sequel, and it’s just two months away

The million selling Volgarr the Viking – a hack ‘n slash 2D platformer influenced by Rastan – is getting a long awaited sequel this August.

The 2013 original was known for being hard yet fair – a game easy to learn, but difficult to master. This sequel, which stars an older Volgarr, promises to be equally challenging. It’ll feature more options to ease players in, such as checkpoints, a practise mode, and unlimited continues. Only by shunning these modern comforts will you see everything – so there’s still an incentive to learn and master.

We can also expect an orchestral soundtrack, speedrunning tools, six endings, a secret final boss, plus new power-ups.

Digital Eclipse are working with Crazy Viking Studios for this sequel, being self-confessed fans of the first game.

Volgarr the Viking II is set to a bloody mess on consoles and PC on August 6th.